The Heber Workshop

The Heber Workshop was a small workshop for orchestral brass instruments and was founded by Carl August Heber (28.04.1831 - 31.05.1914) in 1857 in Markneukirchen/Germany. It was located in the Schützenstraße 36.

Carl August was followed by Richard Oskar Heber (11.04.1872 - 28.09.1938), who invented the Normaphon, Richard Rudolf Heber (11.03.1901 - 05.11.1965) and Rudolf Wolfgang Heber (born 1934).

The workshop in Markneukirchen existed until 1938. But due to the world-wide economic crisis they did not build as much instruments as before 1930. The workshop closed due to the death of Richard Oskar Heber. His son Richard Rudolph Heber (1901-1965), who had been working at the workshop since 1920, switched to running a sewery. After World War II, he would not return to Markneukirchen (e.g. the Russian Sector), but reopened the workshop in Oldenburg in 1948, together with two other instrument builders from Markneukirchen, Alfred Hammig (bows) and Martin Kessler (guitars). First he concentrated in building accordions, but in 1960 he restarted building brasses together with his son Rudolf Wolfgang Heber.

Catalogue of the Heber Workshop ca. 1930 (pdf-file 10,4 MB)

Pictures of several other instruments built by the Heber Workshop

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